Rhino Kammbars are the latest generation of Rhino roof bars, designed for maximum strength and low wind noise. Inspired by pioneering aerodynamicist Professor Wunibald Kamm, Rhino have developed one of the most aerodynamic bar profiles in the industry.

The focus on aerodynamics doesn't mean that strength has been overlooked. With a rating of 75kg per bar, Kammbars are the strongest Rhino roof bars, and in most cases are stronger than your van roof. 

With Kammbars, Rhino have innovated a new leg system to attach the bars to the van roof. This allows the bars to be fitted, then secured with a lockable leg cover, protecting the fixings from unauthorised tampering.

Integral to each Kammbar system is a set of four load stops, designed with the same attention to aerodynamics as the bars themselves. 

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