Modular Rack

The Rhino Modular Roof Rack is the iconic commercial vehicle roof rack. The combination of strength, usability and style have earnt its position as one of the most popular gallery racks in the UK and Europe.

The Modular Rack is composed of modules, which are bolted together to form a one piece full rack on your roof. 6-inch side rails stop loads from shifting in transit and provide tying down points, while wind noise is reduced with the addition of a front aerofoil. At the rear of the rack a full-width rear roller makes the loading of ladders, sheet materials, and anything else you need to carry easy. All Rhino Modular Roof Racks are wide enough to carry an 8'x4' sheet.

Custom designed feet and van-specific fitting kits ensure that the Rhino Modular Racks are among the easiest commercial roof racks to fit, with high-quality illustrated instructions. No drilling is required, the systems fit into the original mounting points on the roof of the van making it easy for the end user. The racks are comprised of 2, 3 or 4 modules depending on the size of the van, and are a manageable size for 2 people to fit.

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